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Golden Osmanthus Quintet and Silver Leaves Earrings, Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

Golden Osmanthus Quintet and Silver Leaves Earrings, Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

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Introducing the enchanting 'Golden Osmanthus Quintet and Silver Leaves Earrings', an exquisite embodiment of nature's delicate balance, crafted for the elegant and discerning wearer. This pair is a symphony of floral charm and leafy grace, perfectly suited for those who appreciate the poetic interplay of natural elements in their jewelry.

Each earring in this pair is artfully crafted from the finest S925 sterling silver, ensuring both longevity and a lustrous sheen. The design features a delicate assembly of four silver leaves, each leaf intricately shaped to capture the essence of the osmanthus plant's foliage. The leaves are complemented by a cluster of five tiny golden osmanthus flowers, meticulously plated in 18K gold. This fusion of silver and gold creates a striking contrast – the cool tones of the silver leaves beautifully offsetting the warm golden hues of the blossoms.

Weighing approximately 3.85 grams per pair, these earrings are designed for comfort without compromising on their substantial and quality feel. The dimensions have been carefully considered to ensure that these earrings make a graceful statement. The total length of each earring is 68MM, with the flower cluster and leaves collectively creating a visual harmony that is both eye-catching and elegant.

The Golden Osmanthus Quintet and Silver Leaves Earrings are more than just an accessory; they are a celebration of nature's understated beauty. They are perfect for anyone seeking to add a touch of natural elegance to their ensemble, making every day feel like a walk through a serene, sun-dappled garden.
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