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Golden Lycoris & Green Chalcedony Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated Drop Earrings

Golden Lycoris & Green Chalcedony Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated Drop Earrings

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Discover the enchanting allure of the 'Golden Lycoris & Green Chalcedony Sterling Drop Earrings', a splendid addition to our jewelry collection that embodies the mystique and beauty of nature. These earrings are a fusion of floral elegance and gemstone charm, designed for those who appreciate the intricate balance of nature's artistry.

Each earring is exquisitely crafted from S925 sterling silver and lavishly coated with 18K gold, giving it a radiant and luxurious finish. The design features a golden lycoris flower, also known as the resurrection or surprise lily, revered for its striking appearance and symbolic meanings. The lycoris bloom, measuring approximately 22.62mm in width and 17.77mm in height, represents the beauty and transience of life.

Dangling gracefully beneath each golden lycoris is a drop of green chalcedony, a gemstone known for its soothing and calming properties. The chalcedony drop adds a touch of vibrant color and a sense of tranquility to the design. Each earring's total height is about 64mm, with the flower top to the bottom measuring around 21.83mm, creating an elegant and eye-catching silhouette.

Weighing approximately 8.15 grams per pair, these earrings are a statement of sophisticated craftsmanship and style. The Golden Lycoris & Green Chalcedony Sterling Drop Earrings are perfect for those who seek to wear a piece of jewelry that is not only visually stunning but also rich in symbolism and natural beauty. They are ideal for enhancing both formal and casual ensembles, adding a touch of floral elegance and the serene beauty of green chalcedony to your style.
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