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Golden Blossom Magnolia Half-Open Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated Pendant

Golden Blossom Magnolia Half-Open Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated Pendant

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We are proud to present the 'Golden Blossom Magnolia Half-Open Sterling Pendant', a delicate and refined addition to our jewelry collection. This pendant captures the fleeting beauty of a magnolia flower in the midst of its bloom, symbolizing grace and the emergence of new beginnings.

Crafted with meticulous care from S925 sterling silver, this pendant is both enduring and luxurious. It is artfully plated in 18K gold, accentuating the gentle curves and soft contours of the half-open magnolia blossom. The design showcases the magnolia in a state of elegant unfurling, with each petal beautifully defined, reflecting the flower's natural poise and tranquility.

The pendant weighs approximately 4.6 grams, striking a perfect balance between a substantial feel and comfortable wear. Its dimensions, with a width of 22.46mm and a height of 17.2mm (excluding the clasp), ensure that the pendant is both prominent and graceful, suitable for various occasions and styles.

The Golden Blossom Magnolia Half-Open Sterling Pendant is a symbol of nature's serene beauty and the quiet power of growth and renewal. Ideal for those who appreciate the subtle yet profound elegance of botanical forms, this pendant is a perfect way to carry a piece of nature's artistry with you, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily wardrobe.
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